• 4th Wonder Women of the Year Awards 2014, just around the corner.
  • 3rd Wonder Women of the Year Awards 2013, held on Friday 19th April 2013, at Expo Centre Karachi.
  • 2nd Wonder Women of the Year Awards 2012, held on Thursday 8th March 2012, at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi.
  • 1st Wonder Women of the Year Awards 2011, held on Sunday 20th March 2011, at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi.

Press Release 2011

"Wonder Women of the Year Awards 2011"

Respected Journalists and distinguished guests
Assalam 0 Alaikum

First of all, I on behalf of the Governing Body of National Hero Foundation and all members would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your arrival here to attend this press conference. I welcome you all here at the historical venue of Karachi Press Club today.

I am Shaikh Rashid Alam, Founder & President of National Hero Foundation. Also present with me are: Ms. Shehla Javed Akram, President Women .Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Javed AIi, Director - National Hero Foundation.

There are two key objectives of today's press conference.

1) To inform you of the establishment of an organization i.e. National Hero Foundation (NHF) in Pakistan that will introduce our youth to the national heroes.

2) Provide information about the first activity to be held under this banner I.e. "Wonder Women of the Year Awards"

National Hero Foundation (NHF) has been established with the vision to introduce our people especially the youth to the pivotal role of our national heroes & their golden contributions for this homeland and play our proactive role to restore their lost identify, National Hero Foundation (NHF) has ,been given permission to revive the spirit of heroism, commemorate the role of our national heroes and work for their social welfare as a non-profit public company licensed under section 42 of companies ordinance 1984 by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Although we had formed NHF in 2005 but we have been able to obtain the license after a prolong struggle on the legal front.

Basic objectives of National Hero Foundation are:

1) Restore the lost identity of our national heroes by reviving the spirit of heroism and to make people aware of our national heroes

2) Educate our youth about the difference between a hero and a celebrity

3) Commemorate the priceless contribution of our national heroes

4) Establish National Hero Park to preserve the golden history of our heroes

5) Organize benefit and welfare activities for the well-being of our national heroes & their families

6) Celebrate national heroes day on government and non-government level to keep their heroic deeds alive

Countless things have been granted to Pakistan' by Almighty God. We have so many sons of the soil whose achievements have made Pakistan known widely on the international scale. Whether it is nuclear science, technology, sports, literature, art, medicine, engineering or social welfare; Pakistan has been a fortunate country in every manner.

In spite of the fact that we have got an enormous amount of genius, skilled and extra ordinary competent people in every walk of life, it is so unfortunate that our national heroes are going through the worst ever phase of anonymity and nobody at any level is bothered to care about them.

Motive behind the establishment of National Hero Foundation is to provide a platform to acknowledge & honor all our national heroes and to highlight their golden contributions. It will not only help us brining them to the limelight once again but with this initiative, our youth will also be inspired to follow their footprints.

National Hero Foundation has devised series of various events. We are here to announce the commencement of 1st activity of this series i.e. "Wonder Women of the Year Award", that will be held on 8th March 2011 at Karachi. To talk about it further, in detail, I would now hand over the mike to Ms. Shehla Javed Akram.

Ms. Shehla Javed Akram

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pakistani women have taken on different role before and after the independence and excelled in many field sere optimistic role of these women for the stability and progress of this nation has remained honorable and praiseworthy. Achievements of such women are more precious because in most cases success has been achieved in the face of adversity and difficulties.

Such women have always stood at the forefront and drive & maintain the pace of economic wheels of the country by playing their proactive role in all walks of life. Unfortunately the women in Pakistan have never been acknowledged for the huge share of responsibility that they have carried for their beloved country. It is said that women are an integral part of our society but unfortunately nobody is really bothered to think about the role of this "INTEGRAL" part even for a second.

For this, National Hero Foundation in association with Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan has decided to initiate "Wonder Women of the Year Awards" to recognize the valuable services of Pakistani women by giving them the honor they truly deserve and to present them as the role model & a national hero for the generations to come. "Wonder Women Awards" will be given to the women excelling in sectors like: business, bureaucracy, sports, culture, media, arts, social welfare, judiciary, education and politics.

Nomination process for "Wonder Women of the Year Award" is being formally started with this press conference and a media campaign on electronic & print media is also going to be launched for this. We invite people of Pakistan to nominate if they know any such women who has done something extraordinary and achieved any milestone for the country. To nominate anybody for this prestigious award, there is a form available on our website www.heroes.com.pk. Nominations can be submitted by 25th " February 2011; afterwards a thorough assessment will be initiated of all the nominations received. Members of the governing body and expert Judges Panel will supervise this entire process and finalize the scrutiny. Number of total awards will be decided keeping in view the nominations and not more than 2 awards will be given in each category. Furthermore, we have allocated 70% of the awards for people alive; while 30% awards will be given to the people who are not with us today.

In this connection, a graceful award ceremony along with an exclusive symposium titled: "Inspirational Women Convention" will be organized on 8" March 2011 - the International Women's Day at Pearl Continental hotel Karachi. It will be an opportunity to bring together women belonging to various areas of work at a forum to learn from the inspirational speakers and propel their expertise, further. Afterwards, to celebrate the success stories of Pakistani women on a larger scale, a Red Carpet Gala Dinner will be hosted in the evening, followed by a music & cultural show.

The journey of these wonder women of Pakistan does not conclude here but it is only the beginning. To fulfill this mission and accomplish our goal to provide Pakistani women with great acknowledgement, National Hero Foundation at the later stage also intends to bring out an exclusive publication titled: "Women Pride of Pakistan" highlighting the success stories of all the winners of "Wonder Women Award". Afterwards, a series of exclusively documentary films on the lives of such inspirational women will also be produced to provide them with more projection and acknowledgement.

I am sure this will go a long way creating dignity and honor for our women and our zeal to identify and commemorate the role of Pakistani women will be widely appreciated at all levels.

Thanks for your patient listening.

Wonder Women Awards 2011